About AZWashAway, LLC.

As a current small family owned business, we have the pleasure of carrying strengths, such as great communication, honest work, and affordable pricing. We take great pride in the services we provide, and would never skip a beat to get the job done. Giving you top of the line in person experience, is just one of our leading priorities. 

At AZWashAway we are not just a company, we are people too. We are  understanding and want you to feel satisfied, without a doubt. 

You just can't beat better service than this!

Affordable Pricing
Small Business
US EPA Certified Cleaning Agents

Who we Are, What We Do

You've Heard Who We Are,            Now This is what we do.

Home Washes

It's not difficult to notice the dirt floating in Arizona's atmosphere and the build up it causes on our homes. With premium equipment and exquisite techniuqes, you can be certain your home stays valuable. 

Surface Cleaning

Driveways, Garages, Patios, Walkways, Poolsides, Fences, Sidewalks, and Curbs develop ugly stains and full appearances from years of traffic. We will make it appear brand new before we leave.

Surface Sealing

We got you covered. Or your surfaces, at least! Surface Sealant is a clear, water based protective layer that sits on the top layer of your surfaces that becomes stain/ water resistent when dry. Sealant comes in Medium Gloss or High Gloss!

Artificial Turf Solutions

Artificial Turf has many pros, but sometimes Artificial Turf Owners are not ready to face the harsh smells, or the dull appearance that develops overtime. These problems are simple to distinguish and are nothing to worry about. Our Aritifical Turf Solutions offer more than just Reblooming & Deodorizing!

Window Washing

Here in Arizona, Window Washing is a very common project that requires quite some time and effort! Did you know there are people to do that for you, that will use twice as much effort! Take advantage of our Window Washing Packaging Plans! 

Want a Clean Crib?

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James Nelson is a 19 year old enthuesiactic individual with optimistic and high-minded intentions. 

Since grauating High School in 2020, Nelson has shown great efforts to become an example for not just his peers, but everyone who meets him. 

Besides working on screen and behind the scene at AZWashAway, Nelson is currently attending his second year at DeVry University, on track to Graduate with a B.S. in Business Management by Late 2023.