Surface Cleaning

Our Outdoor Surface Cleaning methods are well known for the revivable appearances, and the impact it has on property value. Deep Cleaning the surfaces with biodegradable and non-toxic treatment and high pressured water allows for a healthy living environment.

Our Surface Cleaning equipment pushes high pressured water into those tiny pores in the surface, allowing it all to WashAway.

Types of Surface Cleaning

The most common types of surface cleaning are Driveways, Garages, Sidewalk & Curb, Patios, Walkways, Poolsides and Fences.

We Clean Bricks, Pavers, Concrete, Travertine, Wood, Stone, and so much more!

Most of these surfaces are cleaned the same way with the same equipment, except for Poolside Cleanings and Fence Cleanings which require more caution and separate methods of cleanings, but still carry the same satisfying results!

Surface Steaming

Surface Steaming prior to cleaning is a substantial method used to deep clean grime, paint and other well known substances stuck to our surfaces. Surface Steaming also allows for a more clear result as steam extracts more particles than surface cleaning alone. Surface Steaming is mostly optional, but some surfaces may require it.

How We Do It!

(First, Steam Surface)

1) Wet the entire surface.

2) Apply biodegradable and non-toxic

     treatment to the entire surface

3) Allow treatment to sit and work for 5-10


4) Pressure Wash the treated surface with

     appropriate equipment.

5) Rinse off entire effected surface to assure

     no treatment is left behind!