What is Surface Sealing?

Surface Sealing is a process, in which your surface is professionally cleaned, and then covered with a thick layer of Stain/ Water Resistant, Non-Yellowing, Damage Protecting Sealant solution that guards your surfaces through all four of Arizon's Seasons, and some! 

Surface Sealant is a water-based solution that protects the longevity of your surfaces, while also creating a beautiful appeal to your home! Not only does surface sealant protect and guard your surfaces, but also comes in a Medium Gloss or High Gloss appearance, giving an exquisite natural look, or a beautiful shiny, wet-look! 

The Choice Is Yours!

Types of Surface Sealing

When it comes to Surface Sealing, there is not a huge limit on what you can and cannot seal. Sealant is a wonderful thing and can protect almost any surface! Our Technicians are properly trained to deep clean and apply sealant to

Concrete, Pavers, Bricks, Stones, Mexican Tile, Stucco, Faux Stone, Wood, Outdoor Tile, and even Decorative Rock! 

We have a bold selection of surfaces we seal, and we are only growing and learning! 

Each surface has the option to be sealed with either Medium Gloss, or High Gloss Sealant!