Synthetic Turf Reblooming

Synthetic Turf Reblooming is a process in which refreshes the blades of our artificial turf. As artificial turf has many Pros, overtime the blades can become dull and it may impact the appearance of your artificial turf! Our two step process allows for your artificial grass to look as it did the day it was installed, satisfyingly and simply!

Synthetic Turf Vacuum

Does your turf have loose debris stuck in the blades, too small to pick up?

We offer a Light Vacuum service that allows our outdoor vacuums to pick up this loose debris in a low setting, that won't disrupt or tear your turf!

Synthetic Turf Deodorizing

Synthetic Turf Deodorizing is well known method amongst us, Pet Lovers! Since Synthetic Turf has levels and layers, it is noticeable that liquids, such as urine and throw up will not seep through. Instead, the liquids work there way right beneath the blades where it dries and builds up, creating an intense smell!

Our quick deodorizing service is ideal for washing away these lingering odors.

Synthetic Turf Sanitizing

Whether you always have guests, mess, or pets, Synthetic Turf Sanitizing is ideal for you. Sanitizing your turf fights the germs and bacteria on the blades and gives you, your family, and your pets a healthier lifestyle!